The most advanced technology for the water industry

Molecor technology offers the technology for PVC O pipe manufacturing adapted to any specific need, technical requirement and market standard. For that purpose, Molecor builds long term relationships with its clients to back up every phase of the project, before, during and after the industrial technology implementation.

Molecular Orientation

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is essentially an amorphous polymer in which molecules are aligned at random. However, by stretching the material and under certain conditions of pressure, temperature and speed, the polymer molecules can be aligned in the same direction as it has been stretched. Depending on the parameters of the process – especially the stretch ratio – it is possible to achieve a greater or lesser degree of orientation. The result is a plastic with a laminate structure, whose layers are visible to the naked eye.

While the molecular orientation process greatly enhances the PVC’s physical and mechanical properties, it makes no difference to either the benefits or chemical properties of the original polymer. This makes for a plastic with an unbeatable resistance to traction and fatigue, flexibility and resistance to impact.


Air based system

  • Efficiency and cleanness: easy maintenance, start-up and diameter change
  • Safety: the absence of boiling water prevents from leakages risks
  • Cost effectiveness: energy applied just to the pipe through specific air distribution
Pipeline tightness

Molecor technology ensures pipe tightness by incorporating in the orientation process the socketing conformation, to ensure the maximum quality and offer the following union systems: Integrated-socket-system

  • Socket conformed at the same time as the orientation process
  • Maximum orientation degree guarantee
  • No extra maintenance, time for changing, etc.
Degree of orientation
  • The best mechanical properties
  • Maximum material savings
  • A real competitive advantage, the best properties at the best price
In-line process
  • Maximum effectiveness
  • Minimum labor required
  • Standard factory lay-out, even for the biggest pipes
Union Systems

The socket’s purpose is the union between pipes ensuring leak tightness and enabling a quick and easy installation on site. Sockets have to be designed so as to provide mechanical resistance.

Molecor has researched all aspects surrounding the correct way of working of a rubber ring socket union, in order to design the best system for a PVC-O pipe. The mechanical and geometrical parameters of a socket are usually considered. However, the aspects related to the orientation process, commonly underestimated, are the real issue for a proper PVC-O pipe equipment design.

Socket design improvements

Molecor has enhanced the classical socket shape to give it extra security with an extra-large depth of engagement to enable a safer installation. Molecor special design includes an open lip with a bell shape that improves the pipe’s assembly process. Furthermore, Molecor provides local orientation to reinforce the stress concentration areas.

Smooth air molding

Socket shaping is done with air, thus avoiding marks of mold unions and scratches on the inner surface, which provides perfect leak tightness and very easy gasket.

Integrated Socket System
  • Socket conformed at the same time as the orientation process.
  • Maximum orientation degree guarantee
  • No extra maintenance, time for changing, etc.

In opposition to other existing systems, Molecor Technology produces the socket at the same time as the rest of the pipe to achieve the optimum conditions for molecular orientation. In addition to the process simultaneity and stability, Molecor’s patented technology allows for different degrees of orientation in the required sections of the socket and for specific wall thickness distribution.

The socket’s design in PVC-O pipes does not only depend on certain geometry criteria or thickness distribution. Sockets are expected to maintain the excellent properties attained during molecular orientation. For that reason it is important to attain the right orientation degree on each part of the socket, since it is known how stresses are different along the different sections of the socket. The socket is the most important part of the pipe. Socket geometry is complexer than in the rest of the pipe, and stresses are higher, mainly in the axial direction. Moreover, its extra dimension compared to the barrel makes it more exposed to impacts, scratches and other damages during installation

Integrated Seal System
  • 100% automatic system
  • Reinforced rubber gasket
  • Excellent mechanical properties in the socket

The integrated Seal System ISS+ applied to PVC-O pipes presents improvements in the pipe's behavior, especially in larger diameters and high pressures. Up to now, this technology had not been applied to PVC-O pipes.