Molecor SEA increases its range of products with the TR6® brand, the new irrigation pipes with a nominal pressure of 6 bar. This product manufactured in PVC-O, with the Molecor's exclusive technology, is a new solution more adapted to the needs of the agricultural sector in Southeast Asia.

The development of this new pipe responds to the need in the field to create water supply networks that are more resistant both mechanically and chemically. Like the rest of the PVC-O solutions offered by Molecor, TR6® is highly ductile, immune to corrosion and highly resistant to impacts and water hammer, making it a very reliable product for projects of all types and aggressive terrains where phytosanitary products are used for plant care and protection against pests.

TR6® is an Oriented PVC pipe with PN6 bar working pressure. With the improvements provided by the molecular orientation, we obtain hydrostatic properties superior to those of PVC-U PN6. Moreover, on analysing equivalent thicknesses of TR6® PN6 and PVC-U PN6 bar pipes, the former have a modulus of elasticity higher than 15% compared to the latter, which means that the TR6® pipe has these higher levels of rigidity.

For its launch, the range includes nominal diameters from 90 mm to 400 mm and is compatible with ecoFITTOM® PVC-O fittings and a large number of fittings and pipes made of other materials. Also the geoTOM® application, it allows the different elements that make up the network to be geopositioned, making it possible to obtain a complete layout of the water piping network.

This new product continues Molecor SEA's commitment to combat climate change and develop more sustainable products. It is one of the solutions with the lowest carbon footprint and the lowest energy consumption throughout its useful life. This creates more eco-friendly pipe networks while optimising costs and facilitating installation and maintenance processes.

If you want to know more about the new Molecor SEA release, the product will be presented at the next edition of ASIAWATER (23-25 April in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia), one of the reference events for the water sector in Southeast Asia. Molecor SEA's stand will be D101 and it will be possible to check TR6® samples and to know every detail of the new pipe for low pressure irrigation.