Dry system

The Genuine Air System prevents air leakage risks due to the absence of boiling water. It is a clean system. The absence of high-temperature water eliminates risks for leakages.


Automatic control center for the entire process of PVC-O. Disconnection to prevent the collapse of the line in case of punctual failures. This would imply a failure in a single tube, which would not affect the full extrusion line.

Automatic system control

Recipe and user friendly system for which special training is not required. The learning curve is low. Automatic Sequence programming with graphic symbols. Online software tools for the monitoring of the production process.

Remote assistance

Continuous access from Molecor headquarters to the monitors with possible malfunctions. Remote preventive maintenance. Quality control.


Standards and certifications

The technology developed by Molecor meets the requirements of various international standards. Those projects that do not comply with a listing of local standards supported during the certification and standardization processes when required.

Quality equipment: the product complies with safety, health and environmental requirements of the EU and local authorities as well as with the placing the CE mark on the product.