Sustainability is a key concept for Molecor within its activity. Therefore, the company has committed to a sustainable production respecting the environment and preventing pollution when manufacturing its Oriented PVC (PVC-O) TOM® pipes, which is one of the greenest pipes in the market, contributing in this way, to a sustainable development of the planet.

To its insuperable technical qualities, the TOM® pipe links its commitment to the environment, supported by four principles:

  • Resource efficiency,
    • In its manufacture and use it consumes less energy.
    • Fewer raw materials are used to achieve a higher technical performance pipe, since the molecular orientation process significantly reduces the thickness of the pipe wall. Thus, in the manufacture of this pipe less amount of oil is also consumed than in the production of other plastic pipes.
  • Better environmental footprint, among other reasons, thanks to the lower energy consumption, the CO2 emissions emitted into the atmosphere are lower, thereby the behavior against global warming improves.
  • Optimization of the water resources, the complete sealing of the joints and the durability of the pipe against degradation, prevent leakage of channeled water.
  • Total recyclability, PVC is a 100% recyclable material that can be reused for applications with less technical requirement, i.e., cable sheathing or manufacture of packaging.

The networks carry a scarce and necessary good: water. Therefore, an alliance between economic saving and environmental protection should be created. The correct choice of the material used in the network will provide a long service life.